Federation of Three

The Red Keystone
Run! Run for Your Lives!

Game to be played Tonight 7:30 7-10-09

In the Ruins of Arcanos, forces of The Collection met an newly formed alliance of Sky Elves from the Keep of the Eastern Snow and the 28th expedition. In a epic battle the Collection breached the southern walls and took hold of one of the Six Gates of Amazule. The collection took no prisoners but used laced weapons to infect the Sky-Elves with the Darkness. Overrun with gnolls and allies succumbing to the maddening darkness; the 28th are forced to run north.

Will they pass through the ruins of the Wizards Academy? Perhaps through Meyers Labyrinth? Where will they go once they hit the shore? Only the Gods know.

For Past Events Please See Time Line Page

Ruins of Arcane History
Three Sisters Adventure Path Part II
Stymarla's Deal
Stymarla Three Sisters Path

The 28th made the choice to free the Hag Stymarla from the keep of the western wind. In exchanged she promised to answer 3 questions with her power of foresight.

After freeing Stymarla from her prison, she promptly reverted to her evil ways and trapped the players. While the 28th were distracted asking the three questions, she used her powers to move the keep high into the atmosphere and toward the center of the valley.

She strikes a bargain to only set them free after they free her two sisters,(Mikemma and Corissa)that are being held in two similar keeps, The Keep of the Northern Frost and The Keep of the Eastern Snow

The Journey so Far

Please See the Time line Section


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