The Madman of the Northern Road

Diseased/Possesed Elf **DEAD**


Madman of The Northern Road A.K.A. Liam Featherbow (DEAD)

Occupation: Madman

Class: (M)

Race: Elf


Height 5’9

Wt 140

Hair: Blond dreadlocks

Eyes: Pitch Black

You encountered this madman sitting in the mud on your way up to Troll Hill. Sitting alone in the rain drawing a symbol over and over again.He did not seem to notice you or mind you when you called out to him but when you approached him he turned and said “My Master has sent me to kill you!” and “The Darkness will take you”. From out of every hiding place possible, hoards of undead came to his aid. Imbued with some dark power he unleashed evil powers to strike. When he seemed defeated he laughed and burst into a dark cloud of dust and transformed into a bat and flew away.

In your travels you met him again at the portal on troll hill. This time he warned you not to get involved with things you don’t understand. and went off into a strange verse

“what you can see can hurt you What you cannot… will rule you Today the darkness holds me Tomorrow the darkness will have you”

You engaged him and is forces only to strike him down and have him turn into a bat. This time though he would not escape and he was killed.

After the battle you learned from an Identification Amulet that he was once a Federation Soldier named Liam Featherbow. You also discovered a coin that denotes him as a follower of the collection. Even though his body lay dead you think that The Madman will have an impact on what happens next.

The Madman of the Northern Road

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