It is the ten year anniversary of The Federation of Three Cities, but things are falling apart. Old alliances are fading and mysterious creatures are lurking. Kidnappings of important leaders have been occurring and rumors have spread that an an ancient evil has once again been awoken.

Ten years ago the cities of Odion, Caul and Lestros broke away from the crumbling Ballocian Empire and banded together in the fight against The Collection a gathering of powerful demons and their fearsome Gnoll army. Forming an army of 150,000 brave souls The Federation of Three made their stand at the outskirts of Lestros near Knockwood Forest. The battle was hard fought and only through the help of a mighty Wizard Rijckardus the Federation of Three turned the tide of battle into their favor.

As a last ditch effort the demons sacrificed their power to call upon an ancient power to aid them. They called on the demon known as Terva the “Land Shaper”. Terva was released from the abyss to reap havoc across the world. Terva paid no head to the plans of the collection and turned his attention to his own agenda. Raising his arms to the sky and speaking in forbidden tongues he used his powers to reshape the surface of the world. Raising mountains and causing floods Terva reshaped the landscape killing millions in the process.

Unable to stop Terva themselves the federation called out to the Gods. Hearing tier calls The God’s put an end to the misery. They blessed the mighty Rijckardus who cast a spell that protected the area around the city of Lestros leaving it in tact.

Furious Terva challenged Rijkcardus and by doing so the Gods Themselves but found no support from his fellow demons who had sacrificed their power to summon him. Harnessing his new found powers mighty Wizard Rijkcardus sacrificed his life to stop Terva.

Terva and the collection were sent back to the abyss and the battle was won by The Federation. However the damage had been done. The entire area was now surrounded by impassible mountains creating Tervana Valley. 10,000 survivors of the battle the 25,000 citizens of the city of Lestros and the mysterious Knockwood Forest were all that remained of the old world. 10,000 Refugees from the ravaged area flocked to Lestros causing exponential growth almost over night.

Over the years many expeditions have been sent out to find out what has happened to the old world. Few have returned, for the world is now a dark and dangerous place. Terva had awoken many great evils in the brief time that he had shaped the world. The world is now a dark and treacherous place with only pinpoints of light to give hope to all sentient beings.

Dark creatures have banded together in the great cities and forgotten places of the world, Some Say Terva never left this world and has been lying in rest waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Over the years a few settlements were established in valley to gather resources to keep the city alive. The federation has been slowly falling apart. The feyfolk (elves and eladrin) have founded their own refuge of New Odion on the edge of the Blithe Forest to the south. Relations are good but recently a group of separatists have formed their own town of Nayalil. They have renounced the Federation and have crowned their own king

In Northshire the Dwarves have resettled at the base of Troll Hill forging a town shared with Halfling refugees to the north east in Northshire. The council is still has strong ties with this community but is slowly losing favor with the up and coming generation of leaders. With each passing day more and more influence is lost. Latley sightings of strange creatures have been reported in the ruins but no one has been called upon to investigate it.

As the day of the anniversary arrives rumors have reached Lestros that the feyfolk of Nayalil have reconnected with the feywild and that a passage has been found out of Terva Valley. A large portion of people from across the land have begun to demand answerer from the feyfolk, only to be told that it is not a federation matter. Skirmishes have broken out between Nayalil and New Odion and war looks imminent.

More concerning is that rumors of the elves of New Odion barricading the city off to all but trusted elves and eladrin. Strange things have been rumored from the King of Nayalil taking over to a portal to the Shadowfell being opened. Travelers say the gates are barred and no one not even guards are seen at the gates. The reigning council based in Lestros has sent messages for answers but no response has returned. A call has gone out for adventurers to investigate these strange events many have attempted but none have succeeded. Are you the Adventurers to uncover these mystery’s? Only time will tell.

Federation of Three

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